Precision when cutting, flexible to meet your needs

We are specialists in metal sheet and tube transformation using laser technology.

Our signature feature is working closely with our customers; active listening and continuous improvement guide us in our everyday work. This means that today we are a reliable supplier capable of providing a service of advice and integral support at all stages of developing a product. We constantly adapt to our customers’ specific needs, growing in techniques, processes and qualities so that we can deliver a better finished product.

Technical office

We have a technical engineering department dedicated to developing and planning the complete laser cutting process, using the latest technology and computer advances. An experienced team who perfectly understand the specific needs of our individual customers and provide the best solution for each one.


Internal quality controls:

  • Dimensional control
  • Laser edge quality control
  • Paint sheen control
  • Material hardness control
  • Observance of thermal cutting specifications according to EN 1090-2

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